Thursday, March 24, 2011

We Are Wonderful People

This is my wife. She is awesome. I am beside her. I am awesome.

This is my wife's new shop. She sells one-of-a-kind, hand-stitched animals. One day she will make me an awesome dragon.

This is my new novel. It is actually 3,628,800 novels in one. I did the math.

Please check out the wonderful things we do.

While you're at it, you should check out the wonderful things our wonderful friends do.

I've been best friends with Jesse Thomas for over 20 years. His new record came out last week and it is awesome. You should check it out here

My new novel has a wonderful cover designed by Joelle McKenna. I've known her a long time, too. When she was in high school, she asked me to photograph her portfolio when she was applying to college, and sometimes her artwork pops up on my screensaver, and it always makes me smile. Her design work is awesome.

Another young artist I was lucky to work with is Kristin Texeira. She did the cover and illustrations for a short story collection I put out in the fall that I didn't do a good enough job letting people know about. Her newer artwork is incredible, and I love when she posts new pieces.

I will never get tired of seeing pictures of our friends Jen and Alex's kids at her blog. Jennifer is relatively new to blogging, but has still somehow managed to blog more since January than I have in the past two years. I think if she had a couple more people reading her, she would write more, and that could only be a good thing.

And I would be remiss without mentioning my dear friend, Katie Rosenberg-O'Farrell. She's read all three of my novels as I wrote them, page by page, and contributed the cover artwork for The While. We both got married this past summer, and Li and I were lucky enough to have her and her awesome husband Mike photograph our wedding, and she was lucky enough to have me solemnize her and Mike's wedding. Which sounds gross, but it's not. Some of her work can be viewed here. And I've yet to really fall in love with twitter as a medium, but I only started an account there to follow Katie, and I recommend following her there because no matter how terrible I feel (like say when it snows the first four days of spring) her 140-character bon mots never fail in cheering me up.

I keep waiting for the snark to filter through. But I've made it all the way to the end and I'm just really amazed at how amazing I am, my wife is, and all our friends are.

Suck it.

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  1. are you in lisa in a competition with james franco to accomplish more crazy shit in one year than is humanly possible? now that dude is working on two phds, in a soap opera, is always making movies and hosted the oscars. i'd say as a couple you and lisa tie him.