Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Lief "Twenty" Soundtrack

Something else we're trying here for 'Lief'.
Music is obviously a big part of my life, and a big part of my writing. When brainstorming different ways to make the 'Lief' experience different from the previous "buy my book, read it, and then leave me alone" approach we came up with the idea to include a soundtrack to each chapter. This isn't the music I listened to when I was writing. (Typically, I favor instrumental music while working. I doubt I would own as many different Ambient records by Brian Eno otherwise) This is instead music that I could imagine playing underneath the story. There was some debate about whether the soundtrack should be period based or just whatever music I thought fit best. In keeping with the puzzle-like narrative, I have opted to only include music that existed at the time of that chapter's events.

I read faster than most, so I'm not sure if this playlist will get you through the entire chapter or not. If you run out of time, just listen to the playlist again. And if any of the tunes strike your fancy, please give a click over to iTunes or Amazon to grab your own copy.

And feel free to share your own soundtrack suggestions in the comments!

Here is a link to read "Twenty" Enjoy!

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  1. love that you made a mixpod. nice tunes too!